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About Us

The AB Rock Salt Company was founded by Mr. Ali Raza and his brother in Lahore, Pakistan in 1998. We have been involved in the mines industry for a number of years, always searching for different and creative ways to help people find natural healing products and services.


Ab Rock Salt is one of the Best Himalayan Salt Company in Lahore Pakistan.We manufacturers & exporters of Himalayan rock salt lamps, animal salt licks, candle holders, massage therapy stones, salt tiles & bricks. We are offering the world’s best craftsmanship in natural salt lamps and lovely design salt lamps in bowl, pyramid, cube, egg, castle, diamond, yoga, cross, Christmas tree and church shapes and Animal figurine lamps of dog, cat, fish, dolphin, rabbit, seal, horse, swan, duck, hen, cow, bull, lion, polar bear, monkey, dinosaur, rhino, crocodile, elephant, snake, turtle (tortoise), frog and kids butterfly lamp, Mickey mouse lamp and much more and You name it we make it. Ab Rock Salt is known as one of the largest exporters of Natural Salt products. Industry quality control procedures are ensured from salt extraction from mines through export. We have exported our products around the world and is famous for its quality, commitment, designs and styles of salt products & fair business dealings. Due to our customer’s oriented approach and professional team work we aim at satisfying the customers’ needs at our level best. Ab Rock Salt is a body corporate registered as legal entity in Pakistan & associated since its creation with Lahore Chamber of Commerce & industries and FBRNTN.

Himalayan Salt Company is exporting all over the world Salt products. Now we have started the online Shopping system. Our client can buy even single item on best price. We promises and assure our clients to provide high and premium quality on best price.

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