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About Us

Karachi is a cosmopolitan city .It has many facets to it: ranging from it being the countries largest industrial zone to the veritable kind of people living here. This inevitably leads one to say that Karachi has and will play a major role in the Pakistani art sphere. The gallery- “Art Scene” is being opened with the intention that it will serve the purpose of establishing the Pakistani art scene in the international arena. We as directors of this gallery have set up this space with the sole mission of giving artist, art curators and art patrons their due importance in our society.
We feel that there is a dearth of due respect given to the emergence of modern art in Pakistan. We hope that through “Art Scene” we will play an integral role in setting new standards of the status of Pakistani art at an international level in the coming years. It is very evident that Pakistan’s art scene has come a long way in the last ten years and that the coming ten years are equally important. We with the assistance of our artist community can make things happen.
One hopes to see that by endeavors of people who share the same vision such as ours, Pakistan will be held in high esteem for the artistic talent that it harbors.

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