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About Dho Dey Laundry & Dry Cleaners
There’s no challenge too big or too small for DHO DEY and we dedicate our utmost energy for developing the best laundry service in the world!

DHO DEY started in 2020 as the Pakistan’s first complete online laundry service. Started by young and dynamic professionals from diverse backgrounds with a common goal of providing an effortless experience to the customers.

DHO DEY has the customer’s convenience at its core, everything that DHO DEY offers and every technology DHO DEY uses it’s so that customer can get the best experience.


After months of hard work from me and my team DHO DEY was born. DHO DEY is not any ordinary laundry service, The aim was to make people's life easy by providing exceptional service.

The DHO DEY team's quest to provide the best laundry service in Pakistan is coming to climax.

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