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About Us

Authentic Taste of Chinese Tradition in Karachi 🤤🤤

DUMS ON-LINE brings the famous Chinese tradition of dumplings to Karachiites. It unites our passion with our love for fresh and wholesome flavors. We are a homebased online restaurant offering Chinese food with fresh and tasty flavors.
When a customer orders our food, we stick to the freshest and best ingredients. Delivered fresh, hot, quick and juicy.
Steaming is a cooking method that uses water steam, whether in a steamer machine or on a stove or other steaming methods. Steaming keeps the food free from any calories and is suitable for people who prefer low or no calorie food.
Steaming uses water to cook dumplings. It adds a unique authentic taste of the meat and the dough and when it comes to cheese it simply melts in your mouth. Steamed Dumplings are a perfect fit for a lower calorie and fat meal for today’s healthy lifestyle.
Our objective is to give people a cozy comfortable environment, where they only come to indulge in our fresh meals,
We use only the freshest and finest ingredients in our products, which are prepared in a sanitized and temperature controlled environment by employees who are highly trained in safe food production & handling.

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