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About Us

The Imporient Group ranks amongst the most prominent commercial and industrial business houses in Pakistan. The Group is recognized for its entrepreneurial skills and valuable contribution to the economy of the Country. Since its inception in 1986, Imporient Group has grown and flourished from a small chemical trade and sales unit into a leading industrial entity of Pakistan. Under the energetic, dynamic and visionary leadership of its founder Mr Mohammad Aslam, the group has continuously strengthened and diversified its lines of operation.

The Imporient Group is a conglomerate of dynamic and well established companies. These companies are conducting businesses in the areas of Chemicals (to different industries including Textile, Sugar, Construction, Water Treatment, paper industry and In the field of Sugar and Water Treatment Chemicals), art sports socks manufacturer & exporters, sugar manufacturing and its by-products.. With facilities in all major cites of Pakistan, the Group has diversified business activities across the value chain including sales, marketing, manufacturing, research, development and services.

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