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About Us

Hello! My name is Mahmood.

I'm a professional WordPress SEO, Shopify SEO & Social Media marketer with over 3 years of industry experience. SEO Specialist in White Hat SEO techniques, WordPress, Shopify, SMM, SEM, Web Traffic, and a High Authority Backlinks/building expert. I understand what it takes to get your website on Google's first page.

I used to work for one of the biggest digital marketing agencies. Now I help businesses directly with my SEO consulting and have been successful in bringing great results and ROI on the campaigns I’ve been involved in. I always strive to deliver top-notch services according to everyone's needs and instructions.

I pride myself on the world-class customer service that I provide to all customers. It's my privilege to help you grow your business.

=== My Services ===

✔ WordPress SEO
✔ Shopify SEO
✔ Wix SEO
✔ On-Page SEO
✔ Google Ranking
✔ Keyword Research
✔ Link Building
✔ On-page/technical SEO
✔ Competitor analysis
✔ Platform Specific SEO
✔ (WordPress SEO, Shopify SEO)
✔ Search Engine Optimization
✔ Social Media Marketing
✔ YouTube SEO/ Marketing
✔ Facebook Management
✔ Facebook Markeeting

SEO Competitive Analysis:

✔ Niche Evaluation & Validation
✔ Reverse Engineer a Competitor's SEO Strategy
✔ Reverse Engineer a Competitor's Backlink Profile
✔ Determine What Keywords a Competitor Ranks for
✔ Determine all Keyword Rankings for a Competitor
✔ Determine Which Competitor WebPages drive the most traffic

I appreciate your consideration of my services and I am excited to help you reach the targets for your website. Feel free to discuss your project with me as it's not going to charge you a single penny.

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