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About Us

Mannan Law Associates (MLA) is a registered law firm that has a team of leading lawyers in Pakistan with a vision to illuminate the name of Pakistan around the globe in the legal industry. "MLA" is a full service law firm that provides litigious and non-litigious legal services to local and foreign clients.
we have been dealing with legal issues in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, and other major cities in Pakistan, while our physical office is based in city Sialkot.


Mannan Law Associates aims to make the law more accessible. your location, financial circumstances and knowledge of the law should not be a barrier to your being able to live your life or to operate your business with a high level of legal protection.
The firm has kept up its healthy tradition of nurturing ang promoting indigenous talent. The next generation of lawyers at the firm are well on their way.
Our team commands a reputation of excellence and comprises some of brightest legal mind in Pakistan and leaders in their fields, be it the contentious side or the non-contentious side.

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